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Wedding Albums and Portrait Boxes 

Glenn Alderson Photography now offers a variety of album styles in a wide range of sizes and formats. 

I recommend all my couples to have their images printed somehow. There really is nothing like seeing your wedding images hand bound together on beautiful fine art paper.

How will you display your wedding photographs? Most couples choose to place them in a beautifully designed wedding album. This is your first family heirloom and your one keepsake you will have forever to remember your special wedding day.

Wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes. How many pages come in the wedding album? How many images will be in the wedding album? 

Because of this every album is unique and I can only price on Inquiry. I can also understand the cost of getting married can sometimes be very expensive. 

This is why I currently do not include albums in my wedding photography packages, to help keep the costs down for you. All albums can be added & created later on. 

How about a first year wedding anniversary gift to each other?  Maybe a surprise?  I promise I will not tell. 

All albums can be put on a lay-by system or add it to your bridal registry. 

All cover materials and cover enhancements we offer are available in our entire range of albums. They differ only in page presentations.

All albums can be highly customised from a wide range of cover materials, cover enhancements and page enhancements.

Wedding Albums 

Portrait Albums - Kindred

The Kindred album is a mat style album which features either
a frosted acrylic cover (together with flush-mounted print on
the first page) or comes in a variety of linen material covers
(all mat pages).

Available in black or white pages, the Kindred accommodates
portrait or landscape format prints. Your images are elegantly
framed behind bevel cut key-lined apertures.

Available in a 12 or 20 page side configuration and includes
mats and album box.

Portrait Albums - Silhouette

Silhouettes albums are robust and built with the same materials
and technology as our 'DIY' and Designer range of albums.

They provide the highest quality binding available in any album.
Each page includes a pocket that lets you easily slip in a single print.
The same size print is used throughout the entire album. They come
in sizes to fit 5x7" or 7x10"

Available in either 6 or 10 leaves per album in black or white linen leaves.
Covers come in Book-cloth Black.

Portrait Albums - Signature

Signature Books present portrait images of the bridal couple
on one side and a blank page for wedding guests to sign
on the special day on the opposite side.

Signature Books come with self mounting adhesive pages
for you to easily put together. Available in two sizes; 7” (for 7 x 7” prints)
and 10” (for 10 x 10” prints). Both accommodate 7 prints per album.
Love hearts sold separately.

Portrait Boxes - Heirloom Chest

The Heirloom Chest is designed to keep a generational
record of a family and it's cherished members.

Covered in your choice of Natural Linens and Silky Linens,
the Heirloom has double doors on top which swing open
to reveal a 10" Kindred portrait album and a keepsake
compartment to store precious items which may hold
long term personal of emotional value.

Both the box and the album can be personalised
with names and dates. The Kindred album offers the
ability to mix vertical, horizontal and square format
prints within the one album presentation.

The Matrix Album

A contemporary mat style album offering a clean and modern look.

Albums come with mats pre-cut to your design and fully mounted in the album, ready for you to slip your print into the page. Available in black or white linen embossed paper with your choice of bevel cut or straight cut apertures. Album shown here has a single panorama on the left and a mat presentation on the right.

Matrix albums are library-bound which allows the leaves
in each album to lay flat regardless of where the book
is opened.

The Designer Album

Designer albums are the world’s first hybrids, incorporating
both mat style pages and flush-mount pages within the same
album. TDA technology enables you to custom design every
part of every Designer album.

Each page is a framed pocket in which a standard or custom
designed mat slips into. It provides an elegant and formal
environment for image presentation. Designer (and our D.I.Y.)
albums provide the most robust spines of all wedding albums
on the market today.

A special lip mechanism joins the entire length of  facing pages
which all but eliminates lateral movement between the pages
and minimises wear and tear on the page surface.

The rounded library binding provides a subtle reminder of quality
and craftsmanship. It ensures that the pages lay flat regardless
of where the book is opened or how many pages it contains.

The Magazine Album

The original flush-mount album. Created from the ground
up by Albums Australia back in 1997 and is still the album
that all others aspire to.

Albums Australia’s Magazine Album™ range is an entire
presentation of flush mounted photographs of digital
composite or traditional portrait style images. Albums
come in vertical, horizontal and square formats in a wide
variety of sizes. We can even make custom sized albums
to your specific requirements.

Pages for Magazine albums are available in both black
and white and in our standard 3mm page as well as a thin
page variety of only 2mm in thickness. Standard leaves offer
the most rigidity and support while the thin allow up to 50%
more pages to be built into an album.

The D.I.Y Album

The D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) album complements digitally created
montages as well as contemporary portrait photography in a stylish
and professional presentation.

Each page frames a single print within an internal frame thus
protecting prints on facing pages from contact with each other
and eliminating the potential for scratching or prints sticking
together. Each album holds the same size print throughout.

D.I.Y.’s are also hybrid albums in that they enable you to design
edge to edge flush-mount panorama pages throughout the entire
album. They also make great parent or portrait albums and are
available in various formats and print sizes.

Portrait Albums - Matchbook

A miniature flush-mount album to compliment our highly diverse range
of album presentations. It’s purpose is to give you a competitive option
for parent and portrait presentations. Named the “Matchbook” because
its created to be used as a clone or parent album from your main album
purchase, but can also be uses as portrait presentation.

They are available in any size up to 6x8” or 6x6” square. The main
difference between the Magazine album and the Matchbook is the
use of laminated prints for both the front and back covers.

Portrait Albums - Visage

A very special portrait album that adds elegance flare
to print presentations. A combination of album and presentation
box designed to tug at the heart strings of those who invest in it.

The Visage Portrait Album holds 20, 10" photographs in either black
or white album pages and mats. The album comes perfectly set within
the gorgeous Visage box. Both are covered in your choice of natural
cover materials. The box is made in a one piece clamshell construction
so that the top fits snugly when closed and then finished with a ribbon tie.

Portrait Boxes - Visage Print Mount

Visage Print Mount presentations are elegantly styled presentation
boxes made in a once piece construction from a range of natural
covering materials. Pull the ribbon to untie the top from the
bottom cover. Lifting the lid unfolds the box and reveals the precious
contents of matted photographs.

Portrait Boxes - Duo Portrait Box

The Duo Box is a two tiered presentation which provides a compartment
for matted prints below a shelf which snugly cradles the new Duo album.
Both are covered in durable yet attractive Book Cloth (your choice Black
or Pearl) and personalised with laminated prints from your supplied
200 dpi tif files. The Duo Box cover opens completely flat and reveals
a ribbon which when pulled will coax the 6 matted prints out of
their compartment.

The Duo Album presents 12 prints and is similar to our Esperance album
with the only difference being that the mats come separately (rectangle
by default but square are available on request) and allow you to change
the format of each page to suit the orientation of your photographs.

Duo Boxes come packaged as a complete presentation, however you
can also purchase each item separately in case you prefer to change
to a different album style.

Available in 2 sizes: Duo 7" and Duo 10".

Portrait Boxes

Portrait Boxes - Timber Photo Box

A superior presentation for quality portrait prints.

Print mounts are protected within a luxurious Jarrah timber frame. 
The covers can be personalised with your selected image. The cover 
opens flat to allows you to easily slide your matted prints in and out 
of the box. A very special presentation that you will cherish 
for many years.

The Timber Photo Box holds up to 20 (11 x 14”) Standard print mounts 
(for 8 x 10" prints) and up to 15 Deep print mounts for the thicker 
"cotton rag" inkjet papers.

The bottom of the box comes in a high key or low key Book Cloth material

to match the key or the cover image you provide.

Portrait Boxes - Premium Portrait Box

A two piece box set presenting up to 20 matted prints. 

Boxes are covered in your choice of Natural Linen, Silky Linen or Bookcloth materials.

Premium Print Boxes include a removable compartment
which houses a three panel print folio and mats.

Portrait Boxes - Fine Art Print Box

A definitive presentation for your matted 5 x 7" or 8 x 10"
portrait prints. The Fine Art Print Box sports a three quarter
cover which opens completely flat so that prints can
easily slide out. It comes in Black or Pearl Bookcloths
and Premium Linens.

The photo cover option is only available with Bookcloth
materials. Boxes accommodate up to 20 Standard print
mounts or up to 15 Deep print mounts.