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Engagement Photo Shoot / Session - South Australia

Engagement Photo Shoots - Romantic Couple Photos or Your Engagement Party
OR Trash The Dress

Before the Wedding - Engagement Photography Photo Shoot

An engagement session is a fun and relaxed session which allows you and your Fiance to get comfortable in front of a camera. It's a great excuse to hang out with me and let me show you how I will work on your wedding day. You could even use 1 of the photos for your ‘SAVE THE DATE’ or ‘WEDDING’ invitations.


After the Wedding - Trash The Dress Photography Photo Shoot

It's a photo session where brides wear their dresses and do various things where the dress, almost every time, gets ruined.

Some brides play around in the mud with their groom...some take photos in a stream/river/pond/beach...some make use of paint...some make use of a pool (in which case the dress can most likely be cleaned).

The point of the session is supposed to be symbolic. This is the bride saying, "I'm in this marriage for life...therefore, I'll never need this dress again so it really doesn't matter if i wreck it."

The Details 

  • Both shoots will last for 1 to 2 hours
  • All Professionally Edited images supplied on a USB
  • Make the most of Daylight savings this Summer

Normally Valued between $300 to $600

Conditions Apply

  • Not valid on Saturdays
  • Bookings must be made & confirmed within 2 months of the Photo shoot
  • Locations must be South of Adelaide as time is limited

(extra charges apply if more travel is needed out side of this area)

  • For a limited time

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